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DTN Closing Livestock Comment 10/14 16:06

14 Oct 2019
DTN Closing Livestock Comment 10/14 16:06 Strong Monday Livestock Close Although other markets are apprehensions about the week and where the chips may fall, livestock markets have welcomed the week and captured early gains. By ShayLe Stewart DTN Livestock Analyst GENERAL COMMENTS: It's a legitimate concern to be worried about where exactly the trade arrangements sit with China and how much longer things are going to take before a signed, sealed and delivered agreement is reached, but despite outside market influence, livestock sectors surge on. Hog prices are up on the National Direct Afternoon Hog Report, up $0.89 with a weighted average of $57.50. December corn is steady and December soybean meal is steady. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 29.23 points and NASDAQ is down 8.39 points.

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CORN Last Change
Dec '19 397'4 -0'2
SOYBEANS Last Change
Nov '19 941'6 1'2
WHEAT HRW Last Change
Jul '20 455'4 -0'6