Language Assistance

Language Assistance

Great American Insurance Group's Crop Division is committed to assisting individuals who may be considered limited English proficient, or LEP. A LEP individual does not speak English as their primary language and may have limited ability to read, write, speak, or understand English.

Great American has several tools in place to assist producers with meaningful access to crop insurance programs and services:    

Language Identification

For assistance with origin language identification utilize “I speak” language identification cards. An example can be found here.

Language Assistance Requests

A request for interpretation or translated policy documents may be made by contacting a Great American LEP Coordinator or Profit Center LEP Contact:


Carolyn Cunningham, LEP Coordinator



Fresno, CA

Rebekah Wistrom



Lawrence, KS

Rebekah Wistrom



Brian Knipp


Peoria, IL

David Wilson



Fargo, ND

Tanya Kvamme



Eau Claire, WI

Barb Polden



Albany, GA

Cindy Jackson


Spanish Provisions and USDA Links

Resumen de los Cambios a las Disposiciones Básicas de la Póliza de Seguro de Cultivos Común - Versión Reasegurada (11-BR)

RMA En Español

Interpretation or Translation Services 

For direct Interpretation or Translation services please contact your regional LEP contact at Great American.