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DTN Distillers Grain Weekly Update

20 Nov 2015
By Cheryl AndersonDTN Staff Reporter OMAHA (DTN) -- Swine producers don't need to worry as much about sulfur concentrations from distillers grains in feed rations, according to research done at the University of Illinois. According to Hans H. Stein, professor of animal science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, pigs are able to tolera...

FDA OKs GE Salmon

19 Nov 2015
By Jerry HagstromDTN Political Correspondent WASHINGTON (DTN) -- The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved genetically engineered salmon as "safe to eat." But the approval came in the form of a drug approval, and consumer advocates promised to try to stop its commercialization. "The FDA scientists rigorously evaluated extensive data sub...

Drive for 100 - 7

19 Nov 2015
By Clair UrbainProgressive Farmer Contributing Editor Scott McKee can still feel the combine engine pulling down as it gobbled his 2014 South Dakota Soybean Association yield contest entry. "The combine had to creep along. The stems were still green because we didn't have a hard frost by harvest. We didn't realize we were harvesting more than 100-...

From Sci-fi to Reality

19 Nov 2015
By Todd NeeleyDTN Staff Reporter OMAHA (DTN) -- Five years ago when Nevada, Iowa, farmer Brian Sampson first heard about harvesting corn stover for ethanol, he thought it sounded akin to putting a man on Mars. The corn, soybean and cattle producer now knows it's no longer in the realm of science fiction. Cellulosic ethanol production is ramping up ...

EPA Bans Sulfoxaflor

18 Nov 2015
By Emily UnglesbeeDTN Staff Reporter ST. LOUIS (DTN) -- On Nov. 12, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final cancellation order on sulfoxaflor, the active ingredient in several insecticides produced by Dow AgroSciences, including Transform WG. Growers may use up any products they own containing sulfoxaflor (see the list here: http...
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