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Big Data to Calculate Carbon

4 Aug 2020
OMAHA (DTN) -- Major ag companies have made a big splash over the past month, rolling out new digital tools and tech alliances they say will help farmers improve their farm's efficiency and lower their environmental footprint.Microsoft, Land O'Lakes, Bayer and Smithfield Foods are some of the players offering more data gathering and analyzing optio...

Tyson Reports COVID-19 Costs

4 Aug 2020
OMAHA (DTN) -- Tyson Foods saw its third-quarter net income fall because of COVID-19 as the company reported $340 million in related costs tied to the coronavirus. But Tyson still beat analysts' expectations for the quarter.Tyson announced its third-quarter financial report on Monday, highlighting one of the first major financial reports from the m...

Cash Market Moves

4 Aug 2020
Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) legislation passed on July 29 provides authority for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to implement water resources development projects. Since 2014, Congress has enacted three consecutive WRDA bills on a biennial basis. On July 15, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee unanimously approved ...

The Scavengers of Drought

3 Aug 2020
ROCKVILLE, Md. (DTN) -- Watch out for an opportunistic pest that thrives in the summer heat: the twospotted spider mite.In normal, well-watered years, insect predators and certain fungi prey on these tiny mites, keeping their levels low. But when hot, dry weather sets in for weeks on end, the predators fade, the fungi recede and the mites have thei...

Todd's Take

3 Aug 2020
Tuesday's corn and soybean prices took hits this week from USDA's higher good-to-excellent crop ratings and, in the case of corn, revived prospects for a record corn crop this fall. For soybeans, the new 72% crop rating is the second highest of the past 10 years for this time of year and has me estimating a 4.3-billion-bushel (bb) harvest, based on...
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